Sunday, March 12, 2006

[Audio] Pimsleur

Pimsleur [info]
Good for listening and speaking practice. It's expensive, and you just use audio CDs, no separate textbook or anything. Sometimes this causes problems if you mis-hear some of the vocabulary. However, it is well-paced (or slow), and you get a lot of practice. It can take you from absolute beginner to...well, intermediate beginner. Enough to start having basic conversations (which is where the real learning begins). Unfortunately, as the difficulty ramps up, you can't listen to them and do other things (like drive). You really have to focus on what you're studying.


Blogger goofypunter said...

Yes, the lack of a textbook is definitely a problem I relate to. Once you get past the first 15 or so lessons, you start to want to be able to review the material quickly without the time-consuming back tracking of audio. A text is the only way you can do this. Check out my blog where I am progressively adding my lesson notes.

Pimsleur Japanese lesson notes

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