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[Resource] My TODO List

Resources on my to-check list that I haven't had time to investigate properly yet.


GenkiStar's organized list of Japanese Language Resources.

JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database

ManyThings Words from Japanese Newspapers in Order of Frequency

Japan Culture Study Group

Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide

Teach Yourself Japanese

Rikai Use to learn Japanese Kanji or as a Japanese Dictionary

Kantango Kantango is a free site devoted to teaching Japanese vocabulary.

CrissCross Forum Adds hiragana to the kanji on websites

Learn Japanese Now V9

Wakan This is a crazy amount of resources right here.

Japanizer Japanizer is software Japanese-English dictionary based on edict database.

Bisqwit's Japanese language related tools

Dictionaries: (as seen in posts on Hongfire)
(Begin quote from landau)
A Japanese dictionary is a-must while playing j-games. Some of you may be using JquickTrans. However, it is not free. Below is the link of Jim Breen's website in which you can find a lot of info about free Japanese electronic dictionaries that use Breen's edict files:

One can also find many free edict clients on

The edict and kanji files can be downloaded at:

I have tried many of the free edict clients. Below are the three clients that I am happy with:
(1) JLookUp
An excellent easy-to-use client. It has bulit-in kana IME. Highly recommended. However, the English->Japanese is not very convenient.

(2) Trayamslator:
A very good client. The con side is that it is written in VB and not very stable.

Follow the instruction in the readme file. Do not use the EUC-SJIS convertor which comes with Trayamslator. Some kanji cannot be converted correctly. Just delete the SJIS.exe file and use the T-converter instead:

(3) Mini Japanese Dictionary:
The program itself is of very small size and efficient. However its search function is not as powerful as Trayamslator.

I haven't tried JWPce, since it is not a stand-alone dictionary client. For the commerical one, I use Dr. Mouse. It has OCR function and it works in some games.
(End quote from landau)

(Begin quote from tribalsushi)

Now if you guys want REAL dictionaries ..... I love Jim Breen to death, but there are certain structural limitations with the EDICT format ....

Sanseido Web Dictionary
--has access to Sanseido's Daily Concise Kokugo Jiten (Japanese-Japanese), and Daily Concise E<->J. and
Someone already mentioned, but I thought it deserved repeating ... and PopJisyo is pretty nifty too. You can do Chinese and Korean with these puppies too.

Goo Dictionary
Has access to to Sanseido's Daijirin (one of Japan's big traditional dictionaries, equivalent of maybe Merriam-Webster's), as well as the Daily Concise Shingo ("New Words") Dictionary and the EXCEED E<->J dictionaries.

livedoor Dictionary
Has access to Shogakukan's Daijisen (again, up there as one of the best Japanese dictionaries) and the Shogakukan Progressive E<->J dictionaries.

This one's accessed through the search box near the top of the page. Eijiro is an open source dictionary, much like EDICT, except made by Japanese people. It's strong point is its usage examples -- if you ever come up against a phrase you don't quite understand, it's quite likely this dictionary will help. Number of entries has recently topped out at over 1.3 *MILLION*

And not quite dictionaries but will still come in handy....

Wikipedia Japan
There's stacks of good Japanese encylopaedias out there (Mypedia, Encarta(j) etc) but this is still the best free one. Not as good as the English one, but still pretty damn useful :-P

The name is taken from the shingo dictionary published each year called Imidas. This is a great reference for erotic words :-P

Have fun guys!!
(End quote from tribalsushi)


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I'd like to add this one to the list:
It's good and getting more poplular online English-Japanese dictionary.

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